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What is EBA?

The Electron Beam Angiogram ( EBA ) is a safe and non-invasive procedure to scan the heart. No catheterisation  insertion of thin wire into the body. No hospitalisation, and No pre-medication to slow down your heart rate.

EBA images are in colour and 3D, enabling the visualisation of both calcified and non-calcified plaque, They also provide information on the severity of plaque obstruction, hear t muscle function and abnormalities, patency of bypass grafts and inser ted stents.

What does the EBA entail?

The procedure is completed within 20 minutes. A water-soluble dye ( contrast ) is injected through a vein in your arm before the scan. The dye is easily flushed out from your body by drinking water after the scan.

Electron Beam Angiogram

Who should have an EBA?

For those who fall under one of the following categories :

  •  Follow-up patients of heart bypass, post-balloon angioplasty, post-stent placements.
  •  Patients who are classified as “high risk” due to multiple risk factors with or without symptoms.
  •  Symptomatic patients with mild to moderate plaque build-up detected, to rule out significant obstructive disease.
  •  Patients indicated for conventional angiogram but wish to confirm presence of significant obstructive disease before they proceed.
  •  Patients with inconclusive Stress Test, Stress Echo or Thallium Scan.

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