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CT Angiogram

What is CT Angiogram?

The Computed Tomography Angiogram (CTA) of the heart,  is a safe and non-invasive procedure to scan the heart. No catheterisation  insertion of thin wire into the body. No hospitalisation, and No pre-medication to slow down your heart rate.

CTA images are in colour and 3D, enabling the visualisation of both calcified and non-calcified plaque, They also provide information on the severity of plaque obstruction, hear t muscle function and abnormalities, patency of bypass grafts and inserted stents.

What does the CTA entail?

The procedure is completed within 20 minutes. A water-soluble dye ( contrast ) is injected through a vein in your arm before the scan. The dye is easily flushed out from your body by drinking water after the scan.

Electron Beam Angiogram

Who should have an CTA ?

For those who fall under one of the following categories :

  •  Follow-up patients of heart bypass, post-balloon angioplasty, post-stent placements.
  •  Patients who are classified as “high risk” due to multiple risk factors with or without symptoms.
  •  Symptomatic patients with mild to moderate plaque build-up detected, to rule out significant obstructive disease.
  •  Patients indicated for conventional angiogram but wish to confirm presence of significant obstructive disease before they proceed.
  •  Patients with inconclusive Stress Test, Stress Echo or Thallium Scan.

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