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Non Invasive Electron Beam Angiogram of the Heart

Coronary angiography is a vital, yet invasive, part of cardiology and the workup of heart patients. Over one million angiograms are now being done each year in the United States alone. Angiography is necessary prior to angioplasty or cardiac surgery. However up to 30% of all angiograms reveal no obstructive disease. It is in this ‘lower risk' group that non-invasive angiography might be used prudently If normal coronaries, or insignificant disease, was confirmed non-invasively, then a small portion of traditional angiography could be withheld. Of course, this relies on a test that is at least 90% accurate to define obstructive disease.

All published papers have shown that Electron Beam Angiography (EBA) is 95% accurate when compared to conventional angiography.

The e-Speed scanner is the approved by the FDA for non-invasive Electron Beam Angiography. and the medical experts of Mahameru International Medical Center Sdn Bhd has over 13 years of clinical experience with Electron Beam Angiography, and have performed 20000 cases of EBA's without any mortality or serious morbidity. The procedure is fast and painless. No hospital admission is required and the risk is minimal.

The EBA is ideal not only for imaging the heart arteries but also the blood vessels in the neck and brain, and is also useful for evaluating the risk of stroke.

An EBA performed by e-Speed exposed the patient to the same radiation as 2 chest Xrays which is 10 times less radiation than 64 Slice CT scanner. There is also no heart rate limitation and the patient does not have to take beta blockers to slow down the heart thereby avoiding unnecessary medications and complications.


  • Non-invasive evaluation of graft patency post bypass surgery 
  • Non-invasive evaluation of patency post angioplasty or stent 
  • Non-invasive evaluation of patients with equivocal results following stress testing 
  • Non-invasive evaluation of patients with positive calcium score or chest pains 
  • Young patients who are at high risk of heart attack – to visualize non-calcified plaque.
  • Positive calcium above normal amount for a specific age group and sex
  • Evaluate heart (ventricular) wall function and ejection fraction
  • Evaluate complex congenital cardiac anomalies
  • Female patients with atypical symptoms and equivocal / positive stress test
  • Evaluation of high risk patients who wants to avoid invasive angiography 
  • Patients with greater than 2% absolute annual risk of heart attacks
  • Annual follow-up of patients post cardiac transplantation 
  • Follow-up patients with previous angiography to define certain lesion

This test is contraindicated in patients with renal dysfunction or severe dye allergy.

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